Tantra And Kamasutras Sex Positions

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Are you looking for kamasutras sex positions in color photographs and illustrations?
If you are, you would find this eBook, "Tantra and Kama Sutra Sex Positions" by  Discovery Channel's Sexperts Al & Pala, very interesting. This eBook is packed with lots of erotic color photographs and illustrations, each of which is featured in large format on a single page for your viewing pleasure. The people in the photographs are a real person in real body. These photographs do more than just simply to illustrate kamasutras positions and techniques, but to capture the emotional and energetic connection of Tantra sacred lovemaking.

In the modern interpretation of the classic love texts from India and Arabia, this book has omitted the redundant descriptions of each sex positions that are commonly found in illustrated books of kamasutras positions. Instead it comments on how and why the position is used. If you have ever browsed through a book illustrating kamasutras positions you will recall that some of the positions shown seem to be impossible. This is because a drawing can show people doing easily what no ordinary man could ever actually do. When selecting sex positions to try, do not bother unless you see the position illustrated with real human being in a photograph. Which is why all of sexual positions in Tantra and Kama Sutra Sex Positions book are illustrated with photographs.

Most of the positions illustrated here are suitable for lovers of all ages, and with some selectivity, in various stages of physical fitness and health. In  other words, you don't have to be an athlete, young or perfectly fit and healthy to try these kamasutras positions.

Since the definition of sex in kama sutra goes far beyond sexual intercourse, including all the delicious foreplay and the deep emotional connection of afterplay, this book has included sections with commentary on those topics. Also included are illustrated sections on oral sex, BDSM (bondage/discipline/sadism/masochism) play, loving body discovery, massage, creating a sacred space and sacred bathing.

These are safe, very effective kamasutras positions you can try  and add a new wrinkle to your lovemaking – ramp up the passion within minutes.

Let Discovery Channel's sex experts Al Link and Pala Copeland lead you to sexual nirvana. You never knew sex could be so hot.

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Who Are Al And Pala In Tantra And Kamasutras Sex Positions

Al and Pala
Al Link and Pala Copeland are relationship and sexuality mentors.
They have been practicing Tantra sacred sexuality since 1987.
How did they started? They started on this spiritual path when they had a spontaneous mystical experience during their extended lovemaking. At one point during lovemaking when they had become very still and quiet, an energetic current began to course through their bodies bringing to them a superb and sublime physical pleasure from head to toe. Simultaneous with that ecstatic pleasure was an awareness of no boundaries between their physical bodies. They merged as one. Then their consciousness expanded in an instant out to infinity and they merged with all and everything. After that experience they began to search for reports by others about similar experiences and discovered Tantric and Taoist sacred sexuality practices dating back thousands of years in India and China. They began to explore the teachings of those spiritual systems and soon sacred sex became their hobby. After approximately 10 years of continuous practice, they had experienced such a profound spiritual awakening and a flourishing of their love in relationship together, that they decided to share what they had learned with others. So, they offered their first workshops late in 1997.

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Kamasutras Sex Positions

"Tantra and Kama Sutra Sex Positions"
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Text version: 131 pages with 100 Full Color Photographs.
Here's where the fun really begins. These are safe, very effective sexual positions you can try tonight. Add a new wrinkle to your lovemaking – ramp up the passion within minutes.
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